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Structure and Function of an Elongation Factor P Subfamily in Actinobacteria. Pinheiro,B., Scheidler,C.M., Kielkowski,P., Schmid,M., Forne,I., Ye,S., Reiling,N., Takano,E., Imhof,A., Sieber,S.A., et al. (2020) CellReports, 30, 4332–4342.e5.

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Domain Model Explains Propagation Dynamics and Stability of Histone H3K27 and H3K36 Methylation Landscapes. Alabert,C., Loos,C., Voelker-Albert,M., Graziano,S., Forne,I., Reverón-Gómez,N., Schuh,L., Hasenauer,J., Marr,C., Imhof,A., et al. (2020)  CellReports, 30, 1223–1234.e8.

Dynamics and Stability of Histone H3K27 and H3K36 Methylation Landscapes. Alabert,C., Loos,C., Voelker-Albert,M., Graziano,S., Forne,I., Reverón-Gómez,N., Schuh,L., Hasenauer,J., Marr,C., Imhof,A., et al. (2020) CellReports, 30, 1223–1234.e8.

Chromosome organization by a conserved condensin-ParB system in the actinobacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum. Böhm,K., Giacomelli,G., Schmidt,A., Imhof,A., Koszul,R., Marbouty,M. and Bramkamp,M. (2020) Nat Commun, 11, 1485–17.

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