Zentrallabor für Proteinanalytik (Protein Analysis Unit)

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The ZfP is now registered as a DFG Infrastructure



RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure) is a portal operated by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) containing information about scientific research infrastructures which provide researchers with resources and services for planning and implementing research projects.

RIsources includes research infrastructures which:

offer recognised, established scientific and technological facilities or services

  • permit free access or regulate access through a transparent selection process based on scientific quality and project feasibility
  • are managed according to sustainable principles and have a long-term perspective
  • The portal is under construction and information is continually being added. Registration requests are checked by the DFG on a regular basis.


Since December 2012 the ZfP is registered with the DFG as a RI (see http://risources.dfg.de/detail/RI_00089_en.html)